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Capturing Memories Of Your Vacation

Ever since we purchased this beautiful home in 2018, we have been looking for the right image or mural to put on the wall of the house on the deck. We considered many options but none felt just-right...until Kelly came upon these 10 letters at an Antique shop just north of town. The were perfect! The right size, a great color and the kind of backdrop that guests will love to pose in front of for their photos to capture memories of being in South Haven, MI.

Please be gentile with them, don't climb or hang on them, they are also not wired, so they are there for your enjoyment, but not as a lighted sign or a place to sit your child.

Oh, and please tag us on Facebook and Instagram, we love to see the groups who are enjoying the space as much as we do! #SOHAPeachMansion

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