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8 Vacationing Tips for a post-COVID-19 World

When we all began 2020 we never envisioned this. We were thinking of family gatherings, maybe trips with friends, everything seemed normal and we were going to make 2020 the best year yet.

Now we have all been sheltering in place for 4-6 weeks, and for many of us, another 4 weeks remain before life around us opens up again.

I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to be doing differently in the near future. I know I'll want to travel, I know I'll want to reconnect with friends, I know I'll want to build some strong memories to take over the weird ones of this past March and April as I searched for new things to do at home.

Here's a quick vacationing guide to help you think about how you'll bounce back and do the things that matter to you, while staying safe.


8 Tips For Vacationing After The Coronavirus Pandemic Subsides

  1. Pick a location you can drive to. From what we know right now, being in a car with a few people is safer than even a half-full airplane (or train).

  2. Pick a place where you can get your group together. Find a house you can rent that will accommodate your whole group to keep everyone in one place.

  3. Consider short term rentals over hotels. Airbnb & VRBO will have much less traffic in one location than a hotel, which means less strangers touching all of the things you touch in public spaces.

  4. Choose space. Just like finding a place large enough for your group, find a location that offers plenty of room so you can spread out when you need to and get together as well.

  5. Research cleaning practices. Talk to your hosts about how they are cleaning and disinfecting the property. The best places have a protocol in place.

  6. Bring restaurant food in. Just like you are likely getting curbside from your favorite restaurant at home, you can do the same on vacation. In fact, in many vacation areas the restaurants are even creating "take and bake" options for your group to cook together. (editor's note: get food in South Haven at Taste)

  7. Support local. Many vacation spots live on their mom & pop charm. As you feel comfortable, be sure to spend a little with them to help get them back on their feet.

  8. Be present. We have all spent more time with our screens lately and we need the human connection again. put down the smart phones, the laptops and the tablets and be with the people you chose to getaway with.

As a matter of fact, I am going to take my own advice in #8 now. I am at the Peach Mansion with my wife and sister enjoying the home before we rent it out all summer. Time for me to wrap up this blog and go for a beautiful morning walk. Be well, and I hope you are able to get out and enjoy this summer with those you love.

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