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The Peach Mansion Awaits You

When we saw this home was available we instantly fell in love with it. How could you not? With all of the history, all of the memories, all of the beauty...we just had to make it a vacation home we'd love to visit and one we'd be honored to share with others. Our vision is to highlight the 1860's charm of this home while still providing the conveniences and amenities that you'd expect to find in a family vacation rental in the 21st century. We believe that we have the right combination of skills to be the ones to bring this great home back and make the city of South Haven proud of this home...and make all of the guests comfortable along the way. We are a couple with backgrounds in interior design and marketing + our local property manager, Jill who prides herself on making your stay comfortable. You'll see a little bit of all of us in this home as it comes together. This is a vacation rental that is a labor of love for all of us and will be a place that we will vacation to ourselves for years to come to enjoy all that southwestern Michigan has to offer.

Sleeps up to 12 comfortably

We see this home as a perfect place for large families (or large groups). We can comfortably sleep 12 through five bedrooms + an open "loft" area. There are two full kitchens and three bathrooms. There are two full bathrooms on the first level and another on the second. There is one of the five bedrooms on the first floor for anyone who wants to limit the number of stairs they climb.

Go back in time

The home has a one-of-a-kind cupola which once overlooked the peach orchard of Mr. Aaron Dyckman. Now from the cupola  you will be able to sit back, enjoy a book and a view among the treetops. On a cool evening, there is an amazing breeze in the cupola (with the windows opened) that can be enjoyed high atop The Peach Mansion.

It is also worth mentioning that while we have updated the home, it is STILL 160+ YEARS OLD. Please understand that you are not going to be staying in a home that is perfect. In fact, it is the quirks that make the charm. We hate to have to write this on here, but we have had guests that want everything a newer home would offer. THAT IS NOT THE PEACH MANSION. We will work hard to take care of the things that may go wrong during your stay, but again, remember that the home has settled, there maybe windows that don't open properly and the unexpected can happen. Please book the house with the understanding that you are getting a great experience in a great house...but the house is not perfect. We will work hard to give you the most enjoyable stay we can - in a one-of-a-kind home that is guaranteed to host your great memories with friends and family.

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